Congratulations for Qualifying in Level 2

Level 2 Participant Guidelines

Level 2 Participant Guidelines (Video Exam):

  • The Video exam duration is 2 hours.
  • To attend the exam you will need a phone having front camera.
  • The exam topic is displayed below.
  • Scroll down and find the “Start Level 2 Exam” button.
  • Click on the “Start Level 2 Exam” button to proceed to the exam page.
  • You will be prompted to grant permissions for screen share and webcam. Please allow and accept for exam purpose.
  • When prompted, click on the option to share your entire screen. This is necessary for exam monitoring.
  • Once you finish the artwork, click on “End Exam” to be taken back to the dashboard page.
  • On the dashboard page, you will find an option to submit 2 Entries similar to Phase 1.
  • Submit a clear image of your artwork.
  • Submit a second image of you holding your artwork.
  • Once submitted, your artwork will be displayed in the “My Artwork” section of the participant dashboard.


  • Ensure your internet and webcam are functioning properly throughout the exam.
  • Your desk or table should only have your art kit or tools and the device you’re using for the exam.
  • Do not leave the view of the camera at any time during the exam.