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Ms. Veena Karki

HOD - Visual Art, Gurugram

Veena Karki, a distinguished artist with an MFA from Delhi’s College of Art (2003) and a BFA (1999), showcases her talent through acclaimed solo exhibitions like ‘A Woman’s Dream’ series at Triveni Gallery. Award-winning, she actively contributes to art education through workshops, camps, and seminars, establishing herself as a prominent creative force.

Mr. Venkatesh Desai

Visual Artist & Art Educator, Bengaluru

Venkatesh uses his artworks as a language to articulate his indescribable ideas about human life, and thus interprets his observations on canvas. In his paintings he emphasizes on earthen hues, chorus lines, dispersed surfaces, and opaque pigment or planes. His works display spaces that suddenly disrupt forming a well textured background. His engrossing abstracts are enough to feast your eyes with moderate colors and textures.

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Mr. Jay Salian

HOD Art Depatment, A.M.Naik School, Mumbai

Based in Mumbai, Maharashtra, Jay Salian, an acclaimed Indian artist, showcases his talent through captivating monochromatic pencil drawings and vibrant color pencil creations. His skillful portrayal of emotions and mastery of light effects on faces create a magnetic allure, establishing a strong connection between viewers and his evocative art.

Ms. Tanima Bhattacharya

Eminent Professional Painter, Kolkata

Born in 1982 in Gaya, Bihar, Tanima Bhattacharya, an artist, embarked on her creative journey in the city linked to Buddha’s Enlightenment. With a Fine Art Diploma from Gaya College and additional studies in Kolkata, she uniquely captures her homeland’s essence in Wash, Watercolor, and Acrylic, offering a distinct Indian touch.

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