Welcome to DOMS Art League, a prestigious National-level art contest proudly presented by DOMS Industries Ltd. This online extravaganza opens its canvas to budding artists across India, inviting students from Pre-Primary to Class 12th to unleash their creativity and showcase their artistic prowess.

     At DOMS, we believe in nurturing the creative spirit that resides within each young mind. Our platform provides an inclusive space where students can express themselves, explore their artistic talents, and participate in a vibrant community of like-minded individuals.

     As a flagship initiative of DOMS Industries Ltd., a renowned name synonymous with quality and innovation, DOMS Art League is committed to fostering a love for art and encouraging the next generation of artists. With a vision to inspire and celebrate artistic excellence, we provide a unique opportunity for students to exhibit their skills on a national stage.

Why DOMS Art League?

Inclusivity: From the youngest doodler in Pre-Primary to the seasoned artist in Class 12th, everyone is welcome. Our contest is designed to accommodate all skill levels and age groups, promoting a diverse and vibrant artistic community.

Online Accessibility: Embracing the digital age, DOMS Art League unfolds its canvases online, making participation convenient and accessible to students from every corner of the country.

Nurturing Creativity: We understand the importance of fostering creativity from a young age. DOMS Art League is a platform where imagination knows no bounds, and young minds are encouraged to think beyond the ordinary.

Join us on this artistic journey as we celebrate the power of creativity and the boundless potential of young artists. DOMS Art League is not just a contest; it’s a canvas of possibilities waiting to be painted by the dreams and visions of the talented youth of India. Let your creativity soar with DOMS Art League!

DOMS Art League

The competition is conducted through the DOMS site – www.domsartleague.com

  • Children studying in class Pre Primary to 12th standard can participate by enrolling through the above-mentioned website.
  • The online contest will be conducted every month with new themes announced on the website
  • There will be video tutorials showcased on www.domsartleague.com by art teachers to also educate the student on art.
  • Every student will participate and compete within the peers of their same batch. For eg; 1st Std student will compete with only the other 1st Std students and likewise for other batches.
  • Students can participant in the contest every month.
  • From Every Grade Top 100 will be shortlisted for Live Monitoring Test  (Level 2)
  • All the participants will receive an E-Certificate for successful participation in the Doms Art League.
  • Every month 5 winners from every grade will be selected by the Jury out of 100 Shortlisted from Each Grade.